Robb Tadelman and Bill Prim
“When I decided not to run for re-election, I wanted to make sure I had a successor who possessed the integrity and the experience to run a large organization like the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office. Robb Tadelman possesses those qualities and he is hands down the most qualified candidate for sheriff in this election.

Robb serves as undersheriff because he worked his way through the ranks and distinguished himself in every task assigned to him. He is a forward-thinking leader who will effectively manage the office while being proactive in fighting crime with the latest tools available to law enforcement. McHenry County has bucked the trend and our crime rate is going down. The credit goes to leaders like Robb Tadelman and the entire Sheriff’s Office staff, as well as our law enforcement partners throughout our county. Robb Tadelman has the respect of these officers and that is critical to the job.

I would urge you to vote for Robb Tadelman in the June 28 Republican primary election.”

— Bill Prim, McHenry County Sheriff

Chief James R Kruger

“I know all too well how vital a capable, experienced law enforcement leader is during these times of significant reform in our profession. The Sheriff’s Office is a complex, multifaceted agency that brings together law enforcement, corrections, and the courts under one umbrella. We need an experienced leader to navigate the effects of the Safe-T Act and to ensure we are ready for the future of public safety. This is no time for on-the-job training. I wholeheartedly endorse Robb Tadelman for McHenry County Sheriff. ”


— Chief James R Kruger
40 Year law enforcement professional
18-year police chief
Past President of the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police
2022 Police Chief of the Year
McHenry County Resident

Mike Tryon

“Robb is a proven and exemplary leader, with over 18 years of experience with the McHenry County Sherriff’s Department. During this time, he has been solid manager and a great custodian of taxpayer dollars. Robb Tadelman is a choice of excellence for the Office of McHenry County Sherriff and quite frankly a political talent we can’t afford to lose. ”


— Mike Tryon, Former Chairman of the McHenry County Republican Party, Former State Representative and Former McHenry County Board Chairman

David Underwood
“The McHenry County Sheriff’s Office comprises over 400 employees in various roles: patrol and corrections officers, dispatchers, administrative and command staff, logistics, investigators and many more. It takes a dedicated, hard-working, educated and experienced municipal administrator to effectively lead this organization through complex, evolving times now and in the future.

Robb Tadelman is clearly the law enforcement professional who possesses the skills to lead the Sheriff’s Office. Mr. Tadelman’s personal and law enforcement education, full-time law enforcement experience, commitment and thorough working knowledge of the Sheriff’s Department will provide a smooth, uninterrupted transition of leadership following the upcoming election.

The integrity of both candidates is on public display by way of their respective campaigns. Mr. Tadelman continues to prove that he will fill the Sheriff’s seat with honor, honesty and a true passion to make our county sheriff’s office one that we can both depend on and be proud of. For these reasons, I wholeheartedly endorse Robb Tadelman for Sheriff.”


— David F. Underwood, President, Village of Prairie Grove

“Robb Tadelman is a colleague in Law Enforcement and a great candidate for
Sheriff. His qualifications, his integrity and his empathy for people and
the issues they face are all attributes that a Sheriff should possess.”

— Gary Caruana, Winnebago County Sheriff

“Robb Tadelman and I share a similar career path in that we both worked for great Sheriff’s who became mentors. This means that when you become undersheriff you are appointed by the Sheriff who mentored you and has confidence in your ability to run the office. Robb’s experience and his integrity make him the most qualified candidate in the race.”

Andrew Sullivan, Dekalb County Sheriff

“Boone and McHenry counties not only share a border but our Sheriff’s Offices share the same values and beliefs in keeping our communities safe. Over the years, I have gotten to know Robb Tadelman and have come to find him to be a leader and the kind of person who would make a great Sheriff. I look forward to working with Robb and our continued partnership with McHenry County.”

— Dave Ernest, Boone County Sheriff

I proudly endorse Robb Tadelman for McHenry County Sheriff. On the occasions I have worked with him, Robb has displayed the utmost in professionalism and sincerity. He is unsurpassed in his commitment to the citizens of McHenry County and the betterment of law enforcement.”

— Chief Tracy Dickens, Bull Valley Police Department

“It is important for the citizens of McHenry County to have another strong Sheriff who is hard-working, dedicated, and focused on keeping our community a secure and safe place to raise a family. That person is Robb Tadelman.”


— Lou Bianchi, Former McHenry County State’s Attorney

“When I was first elected as County Auditor, the Sheriff’s Office had 4 cars and 12 employees. Today, it has 500 employees. This is not a place for on-the-job training. The sheriff’s office has grown into a sophisticated department. Robb has the experience and the training to do the job on day one.”


— Jack Schaffer, former State Senator & McHenry County Auditor

“I have worked with all our McHenry County police agencies during my 34 years in the Circuit Clerk’s office.  I know the importance of Robb’s 18 years of full-time experience with the largest police agency in McHenry County, and how this compares to part-time work with smaller agencies. Robb’s experience and dedication make him the most qualified candidate to lead the Sheriff’s Office into the future.”


— Kathy Keefe, McHenry County Circuit Court Clerk


“I wholeheartedly endorse Robb Tadelman for McHenry County Sheriff because he has unparalleled experience, integrity, and knowledge of running a large police agency. My family and my business are here in McHenry County, and it’s important to me that we elect someone who can continue keeping this county safe. Robb is the person to do that.”

— Eric Ruth, Grafton Township Supervisor

“I endorse Robb Tadelman for a host of reasons. Robb is an experienced leader in his various positions in the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department. He is fair, knowledgeable, passionate, compassionate and always giving back to our communities, ethical beyond reproach, approachable, reasonable, and all around good man. Without question I wholeheartedly endorse Robb Tadelman as McHenry County’s next Sheriff.”


— Haig Haleblian, Mayor of Crystal Lake


“I have worked for the Sheriff’s Office for 31 years. During that time I have gotten to know Robb Tadelman. He is a Fair and Exceptional leader who serves McHenry County with distinction.”


— Dennis Hammortree, Marengo Alderman and Former Mayor


“Robb Tadelman has my full support to be the next Sheriff of McHenry County. Robb has 18 years of dedicated experience to law enforcement. His current role of Undersheriff gives him the unique perspective of running a large law enforcement agency. His morals, integrity, and commitment to the community, combined with such extensive experience, make him the candidate most qualified to serve in such an important role.”


— Robert Seegers, Trustee, City of Woodstock


Huntley Firefighter Union 4106

“The Huntley Fire Union 4106 takes great pride in supporting Robb Tadelman for Sheriff of McHenry County. We, as a fire protection district, are aware of the threats to public safety personnel across the United States and Huntley is no exception. Approximately 10 years ago, Huntley Fire protection District partnered with the McHenry County multiagency SWAT team, to provide Tactical Emergency Medical Services Medics, (TEMS Medics). This partnership allowed us to collaborate with Robb Tadelman to provide this service across McHenry County. Robb knows the importance of collaboration, not only with other law enforcement agencies in McHenry County but fire departments and other public agencies. Due to Robb’s leadership, on-going commitment to public safety and Robb’s efforts to collaborate with us and other public agencies we, the Huntley Fire Union 4106, proudly support Robb Tadelman for McHenry County Sheriff. ”

— Huntley Firefighter Union 4106

Gene Lowery Former Dekalb Police Chief and Former McHenry County Undersheriff

“I was fortunate to have been involved in the process that hired Robb as a Deputy Sheriff. I also attended his graduation and met his family. From the beginning it was clear that Robb was a man of character and that he would serve McHenry County in an exemplary manner.

Robb is without question the best person to ever run as a candidate for Sheriff of McHenry County. His commitment to his family, faith, and service are second to none. It is without hesitation that I support Robb for Sheriff, he will serve McHenry County in a professional manner, that embraces genuine care and concern for everyone’s wellbeing. I am extremely proud of Robb and was honored to have served with him.”


— Gene Lowery, Former Dekalb Police Chief and Former McHenry County Undersheriff

Woodstock Fire Chief Michael Hill

“With the prevalence of increasingly complex incidents facing today’s society, including active violence events, it is critical that law enforcement maintains close relations and interoperability with local first responders such as fire/rescue and EMS. Robb Tadelman understands this need for inter-agency cooperation and has been a champion of interoperability throughout McHenry County. Having worked closely with Robb both personally and professionally, I am proud to endorse him for McHenry County Sheriff.”


— Chief Michael Hill, Woodstock Fire/Rescue District

John Koziol, Retired McHenry County Sheriff's Office Sergeant & Mayor of Marengo
“I have known Robb for his entire career. I was one of his field training officers, and I believe his first of two. From early on, I knew that Robb was going to have a special career. He advanced quickly in the Department due to his work ethic and knowledge. Without question, Robb is one of a handful of officers that I have worked with that I would consider to be one of the smartest police officers I know. During the time I have known him, he has shown himself to be dependable and honest, holding himself to high moral standards. This is evidenced in the election as I often get asked who I am supporting for Sheriff. Without hesitation, I am supporting Robb Tadelman for McHenry County Sheriff.”


— John Koziol, Retired McHenry County Sheriff’s Office Sergeant & Mayor of Marengo

Woodstock Career Firefighters, IAFF Local 4813
“After careful consideration and discussion, I am proud to inform you that the Woodstock Career Firefighters, IAFF Local 4813, has voted to formally endorse your candidacy for McHenry County Sheriff. The Woodstock Career Firefighters has a long-standing relationship with the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office. Through that relationship, we have watched the organization evolve into a well-managed and efficient organization capable of meeting the diverse needs of McHenry County. Your tenure as a law enforcement officer, and most recently as Undersheriff, makes you the most qualified candidate best positioned to lead the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office into the future. As partners in public safety, the Woodstock Career Firefighters is confident that under your leadership McHenry County will be safer.”


— Woodstock Career Firefighters Local 4813-International Association of Firefighters

Emily Berendt, President, Village of Bull Valley
“I am pleased to endorse Robb Tadelman to be our next McHenry County Sheriff. Robb’s long history of public service and involvement in our county has given him the experience and commitment necessary for the job, as well as a clear understanding of what it means to be responsible for the public trust. Based on his exemplary record of public service, McHenry County voters can count on having Robb’s full-time commitment to serve and protect our county and all of its residents.”


— Emily Berendt, President, Village of Bull Valley

Tim Hoeft, Mayor of Huntley
“As the mayor of Huntley, I understand the importance of electing a Sheriff with the experience necessary for the position. Robb Tadelman has dedicated his entire career to serving McHenry County through his 18 years working in the Sheriff’s office. We need leaders like him who will help move this county forward while maintaining the safety we are all fortunate enough to enjoy. Robb represents everything that is great about our county. Robb is committed to law enforcement and McHenry County, and I know he’s ready to be the next Sheriff.”


— Tim Hoeft, Mayor of Huntley

Italian American Police Association

“Dear Mr. Tadelman,
We are proud to recommend you and give you our ?????? ????????? rating on your candidacy. We wish you well in your efforts and hope to share in your success on Election Day and throughout your term in office.”


— James A. Viola, Chairman Political Action Committee
— Frank DiMaria, President Italian American Police Association

Mark Krause, Retired Harvard Chief of Police
“I’ve the honor of knowing Robb for several years and have seen him in action, on the street and working call outs. I’ve always found him to be incredibly responsive, caring and dedicated—all qualities a strong leader must posses. Robb’s experience, knowledge, skills and abilities have made him a standout law enforcement professional and uniquely capable to lead the McHenry County sheriff’s office into the future. It is my pleasure to endorse Robb Tadelman for McHenry County Sheriff.”


— Mark Krause, Retired Harvard Chief of Police

Cary Mayor,  Mark Kownick
““I am endorsing Robb Tadelman for McHenry County Sheriff as he is the most qualified candidate for the position. Robb is a man of integrity with extensive experience in the Sheriff’s office. He has a calm and steady demeanor. I have seen first-hand how knowledgeable Robb is when it comes to the important issues that our law enforcement officers face.

Robb is a strong proponent of ensuring our officers are properly trained, and he has worked closely with Cary, in addition to number of other local cities, to open a new training facility. Robb has a willingness to work with elected leaders to make sure we have an incredibly safe county. It’s vital that our next Sheriff understands the interplay between the Sheriff’s office and our local communities, and I’m confident Robb is that person.”


— Cary Mayor, Mark Kownick

Karen Groves

“After spending 27 years in law enforcement as a full time certified police officer and retiring from McHenry County Sheriff as a Sergeant I am proud to endorse Robb Tadelman for McHenry County Sheriff.

I was one of Robb’s field training officers and realized quickly that he had a promising career in law enforcement. As our careers continued on together we worked closely in the Criminal Investigation Division (detectives) and in the Major Crash Investigation Unit.

Robb was always professional, determined, thorough, fair and respectful. All qualities that will help serve as the next Sheriff of McHenry County.

I respectfully ask you to please support Robb Tadelman for McHenry County Sheriff. “


— Sgt. Karen Groves, Retired MCSO

 Don Kalenick Sergeant (retired) MCSO
“I’m a recently retired supervisor of 25+ years with McHenry County Sheriff’s Office. I’ve worked closely with Robb and was not surprised to see him excel the way he has throughout his career. He is well rounded and experienced. He’s familiar with all divisions of the Sheriff’s Office. His years of experience make him the obvious choice for Sheriff.”


— Don Kalenick, Sergeant (retired) MCSO

Ryleigh Tadelman
“I know Robb as a role model, a police officer, and a father. He is there for every little moment. My dad takes challenges head-on and with a good attitude. No matter the situation, he finds a way to work through it. It truly is a labor of love. Initially, my dad planned to go to flight school and become a pilot. After 9-11, something inside him changed. He knew he wanted to be able to give back to his community. He applied to the police department and got the job. He worked his way up to ladder and is currently the undersheriff.

For my fourth birthday, I got a police officer dress-up outfit. Something inside me lit up. I would love to follow in my father’s footsteps. At the age of four, I didn’t know how big those footprints would be to fill. I have tons of great memories with my dad. From father-daughter dances to shamrock shakes in March. If he’s not at work or campaigning, he’s devoting time to being an awesome dad and making incredible memories. He always find a way to make the best of every moment. I remember, every year, my dad and I would go to the father-daughter dance. I would have lots of fun. I love dressing up in dresses and matchign my dad in some way. After the dance, we would always get shakes from McDonalds. Over the years, my dad has accomplished so many great things. He has served in almost every department and has been with McHenry County for 18 years. When Mr. Bill Prim, the current sheriff, announced his retirement, he asked if my dad would take his place. Mr. Prim asked my dad because he strives to make the right decision no matter how challenging it is.

Every election falls in the hands of the people who show up. Mark your calendars for June 28th and vote Robb Tadelman for McHenry County Sheriff. Looking back at everything my dad has done in the past years, he is the clear choice for sheriff. Everyone makes an impact. Whether it’s good or bad, you decide. ”


— Ryleigh Tadelman, Lake in the Hills

Don Carlson
“I’ve had the pleasure and honor to have worked with Robb for his eighteen years at the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office.  Throughout these eighteen years, I’ve seen Robb grow, both personally and professionally.  Robb rose through the ranks, from deputy, to detective, to sergeant, to lieutenant, and to deputy chief, during my career at the Sheriff’s office.  Robb is a man of great integrity who has dedicated himself not only to the men and women of the Sheriff’s office, but also to the citizens of McHenry County.  Robb is one of the most reliable people that I have ever worked with.  He has missed family functions, children’s birthdays, and holidays because of his job, but you will never hear him complain.  Robb is a natural leader who leads by example; he is professional, but also compassionate and has great integrity.

In a position this important, experience matters, and Robb has that experience.  Robb has worked in and has supervised all facets of law enforcement, including patrol, investigations, evidence, internal affairs, and SWAT.

I am proud to whole-heartedly endorse Robb Tadelman for McHenry County Sheriff, because experience matters, and I know Robb’s experience will continue to keep the citizens of McHenry County safe.”


— Don Carlson, Retired Chief, McHenry County Sheriff’s Office

Ricardo Pagan

“The people of McHenry County are very fortunate to have someone like Robb Tadelman running for Sheriff. Robb not only has the experience but he has the integrity that is needed in order to command the respect of those who work in the Sheriff’s office. Honesty in law enforcement is a fundamental principle and foundation for public safety and maintaining the public trust. Please vote for Robb in the June 28th Republican Primary.”


— Ricardo Pagan, Retired Undersheriff MCSO

Matt Matusek

— Matt Matusek, Retired McHenry County Sheriff’s Deputy


“One of the critical management tasks in the Sheriff’s Office is the relationship the Sheriff and his command staff have with organized labor. Without an honest forthright relationship between management and labor, collective bargaining becomes impossible and neither the deputies nor the taxpayers are represented well.

We have a combined 45 years of negotiating experience as former chairmen of the Fraternal Order of Police Unit 1. FOP Unit 1 is the union organization for the deputies in McHenry County. During our time as chairmen we have participated in negotiations with various Sheriff’s and their command staff. Robb Tadelman has sat at the table as a part of Sheriff Bill Prim’s command staff and that experience is mission critical to a successful negotiation.

That’s why we are supporting Robb Tadelman for McHenry County Sheriff. Robb is a level-headed professional who is the only candidate in the race for Sheriff who has the necessary qualifications and the temperament to manage an organization as big as the Sheriff’s Office as well as manage the hundreds of people who work there.

With that 45 years of negotiating experience and 50+ years of law enforcement experience between us, we are confident that Robb Tadelman can lead the Sheriff’s Office. Please join us in supporting the only qualified candidate for McHenry County Sheriff, Robb Tadelman.”


— Matt Matusek, Tom Jonites,
Retired McHenry County Sheriff’s Deputies, Former Chairmen of the Fraternal Order of Police Unit 1


Ricardo Pagan

— Tom Jonites, Retired McHenry County Sheriff’s Deputy